Hi! I’m Emily. 

I’m excited about helping people break free from diet culture and heal their relationship with food. My goal is to help my clients build a foundation of trust with their bodies through regular and consistent eating patterns, which ultimately leads to an intuitive relationship with food.

My nutrition practice is rooted in the philosophy of Health at Every Size. I believe that you can live a happy, healthy, and fufilling life no matter what shape or size your body is. Together we will work to give your body what it wants and needs to live a more satisfying life. I believe that your body is smart and that you are the expert on your body’s needs, sometimes you just need a little help getting reconnected.

I do not ever encouraged intentional dieting or restriction of any kind, as the literature is clear that dieting leads to a number of negative consequences, including weight cycling, preoccupation with food, psychological disturbances, and disordered eating, among other things.

I’m so glad you’re here!

Eating Disorders are traumatic.-2