5 Types of Food Dietitians *Actually* Eat

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We’ve all seen those articles before…. 

“10 Foods Dietitians SWEAR they NEVER eat” 

*insert eye roll* 

And then the article goes on to list off 10 foods that dietitians all over the world eat every single day…. sigh. 

As an anti-diet dietitian, there aren’t many foods that I don’t eat, unless I just simply don’t like the taste. I am a strong believer that ALL foods can fit into a healthy diet, barring legitimate medical restrictions. 

Here’s a quick list of 6 types of food that dietitians *actually* consume on a regular basis: 

1. Foods we enjoy:

We all have those foods that we truly just love, and peanut butter is that food for me. I eat it *almost* every day.


Another one of those foods is avocado! I love adding it to sandwiches or wraps for added flavor and satisfaction! 


2. Foods that keeps us full:

Because it’s not fun feeling hungry right after a meal! Pasta is a quick and easy meal that always satisfied me. 


3. Foods that gives us energy:

Simple carbs = quick energy! I love me some bananas.


4. Foods that helps us poop:

Yep I said it hahaha but seriously… whole grains, healthy fats, and regular eating patterns throughout the day does the trick for me 😉


5. Foods that are social:

Because who doesn’t want to go out for a burger and fries with friends?!


That’s all folks! Short, sweet, + to the point! What would you add to this list? 

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